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Gloria Schwartz, ND

Gloria Schwartz, ND, is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been in practice for over 30 years. After completing a residency in women’s health, she moved to Ashland, Oregon, and opened a women’s health and home birth practice with friend and fellow naturopath Terry Toth, ND. Over the years, Gloria’s practice has transitioned with her patients, and the bustling mama and baby years have transformed into the greater complexities of chronic health care.

Botanical, homeopathic, and nutritional medicines are the modalities with which Gloria is most aligned. She combines the three in most of her patient protocols, although the emphasis on each varies with the specific situation and often includes a custom-formulated botanical tincture.

Gloria has a deep love of plants from root to flower—medicinally, culinarily, and in nature. She enjoys spending time with both her human and furry family members, gardening, cooking, spending time in nature, studying medicine, and escaping into the myriad worlds of fiction.

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Sylvia Chatroux, MD

Offering a unique blend of traditional and holistic approaches, Sylvia Chatroux, MD, has been practicing medicine for 30 years. Her training includes a medical degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine, family practice residency training at Case Western Reserve, and a three-year training in classical homeopathy at the Hahneman Clinic. It was while working with Dr. Sidney Handelman, a Reichian psychiatrist, that she developed a special interest in psychotherapy and thus pursued her studies in medicine.

In 1994, Sylvia established Hersey Health Care Clinic in Ashland, Oregon, where she offers compassionate, knowledgeable medical care to patients of all backgrounds and ages. She shares the practice with Tara Frazier-Rice, FNP.

Her undergraduate studies in poetry and sculpture at Sarah Lawrence College—combined with her passion for counseling—have equipped her with an empathetic bedside manner, creative mind, and sensitive listening skills.

In addition to practicing family medicine, Sylvia has authored three books of medical verse through Poetica Press. Her whimsical and humorous poems describe homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as medical maladies.

Sylvia loves hiking in nature; making art; reading and writing poetry; and spending time with family, friends, kids, and animals. Her husband, Noël, practices social work and is a full-time counselor. Together, they have been blessed with two daughters now pursuing their own careers in the medical field.

About Earthly Tonics

Sylvia Chatroux, MD, met Gloria Schwartz, ND, when Gloria delivered Sylvia’s second child. Gloria showed up for the home birth with all the usual supplies like oxygen but also came equipped with a creative medley of natural herbal and homeopathic medicines. Sylvia was already interested in homeopathy, but Gloria introduced her to the amazing properties of herbal remedies. This friendship blossomed with their mutual respect and appreciation for alternative medicine and holistic approaches. Fueled by Gloria’s extensive herbal knowledge and Sylvia’s enthusiasm, they pooled their talents to produce Wild Woman’s Daily, and thus Earthly Tonics was born.

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